My oldest friend, Darren Samuelson…

Dear friends and family,
As some of you know, I just finished a 7 month project, constructing a very large camera. It was not my intention to “promote” it really, but a few of my friends knew better than that and made me do it. I have a blog which I started in July(I think), and my friend Matthew just published a short video yesterday which has already been viewed almost 8,000 times:

Camera Video dgbc_extended

The video has been posted on 4 websites that I know of. Also, this coming monday I’ll be flying to New Orleans, where I’ll join my father on a road trip which will take us through the south, up the east coast, and back across the plains. I invited myself along on this trip and also required that my dad let me bring the camera, and be willing to stop whenever I need to take a shot. I believe his word were “no problem”. For those of you who know him, this is not usual at all, so I think it’s going to be an interesting journey. I’ll be blogging throughout the trip from here:
and you can see some of my work here:
Darren Samuelson