There has been a movement lately

There has been a movement lately. I can feel it.
Friends around me are finding their true passions and starting their own businesses doing what they have discovered that they love. If the economy didn’t turn a few years ago, alot of us would have settled and stayed stuck in the same unfulfilling life work we were doing day in and day out.
IMG_4588a96This wasn’t a coincidence, I know it. God gave us our nudge out of our safety nest and we all have learned to fly. I have found through my luncheons, my passion to erupt an awareness within all of us an awareness of a “need”. With every need, comes an Accountability and a conscious choice to Contribute in our highest way, we ourselves see possible. There is no turning back, once we are aware, just like there Is no turning back in this great new economy of opportunity to find our greatest lifework and to make our imprint in our Society.
A friend of mine, scolded me tonight for loosing site of all I can accomplish in this lifetime. A friendly nudge to greatness is always welcome so that each of us can ignite in our peers their greatest version of themselves.
Many Blessings, Christina Baird