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This past weekend, I started my sons new adventure as a horse trainer, (since he has already decided to be a Biologist and all). We went to Napa and learned quickly from our new horse mentor, Gregory Neal. A true cowboy, Mr. Greg passionately taught us how to groom, maintain and ride his beautiful ponies and horses. I have attached his website’s information and Facebook page. I encourage anyone with children to visit Merry Go Round Ranch or invite Mr. Gregory’s horses to your next event or party. If you have any Boy Scouts, Mr. Gregory will help the boys acheive their rankings for their Horse Handling Belt Loop or Patch!
All of our ponies are our very best friends. They receive loving care 24-7, with the high-quality food and comfortable living conditions. The ponies love their work — actually anticipating it — and are never asked to do more than they care to. And happy ponies make for happy events.
Our Services:
~ Basic Pony Rides for Birthday Parties and other Celebrations ~ Pony Displays and Educational Events ~ Corporate Business and Social Events ~ Equine Assisted Therapy and Education
Merry Go Round Ranch offers competitive pricing with superior service. Specific rates depend upon distance, time, number of ponies required, and additional services requested. Please call us for an immediate quote.
Some ponies and horses have come to us as a last refuge from difficult lives, to spend joyful days among others of their kind. These ponies do not participate in our parties or rides, but instead are given the comfortable retirement as they deserve. Limited sponsorships are offered, so that others may help us support these wonderful animals.
Please contact us if you would like to help sponsor a pony or horse. Sponsors receive regular updates and pictures and the satisfaction of involvment in the life of a pony.

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