Helper Spirits

A friend of mine sent me a video that reminded me that we all  have helper spirits to guide us throughout our days. Even though we have a conscious choice, our fate is not determined by us but by the powers that be. We wake up each day with a new chance to create miracles and make a NEW difference in not only our lives but of others in our community. This video showed how people have near misses with father time more often than we would think. untitled6
For those that know me, know that control is something I work at letting go in my daily lessons. At the end of any day, if something is meant to be, it will be. Christopher and I practice falling back and being caught. It never fails, our pillows filled with faith always tend to break our fall. I am sure the people in the video, do a re-evaluation on how they were interacting in their lives before their window to the other side was presented to them. Sometimes we need a reminder how important our life work really is.We are all clocked in to love and serve. At the end of our shift, can we look back and be proud of all that we have accomplished on this life time’s time clock?