You Can Do It!


Can’t is such a terrible word…

 I remember when I was younger, I took Kenpo Karate lessons in Petaluma. Whenever a student would say the forbidden word, “can’t”  push ups were ordered, not only by the student that lost faith in themselves but by the classmates also in attendence.


For me, who lacked  a large quantity of faith in myself at that time, push ups were in my main classtime regimen and Karate came secondary. Eventually my classmates asked me to take private lessons so that they could move forward in their own belt acheivements. They were becoming experts at push ups because of my lack of focus on my incremental improvements. Eventually, I stopped and thought about how far I had come from the days before and allowed myself to stay focused on the  aim of my kicks and the force of my stick fighting. It’s awesome to experience this realization, the vast horizons we can triumph over are there in plain sight, as long as we just stay AWAKE and keep our vision clear.

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