Terry Minion with Upward Trends

I know when Terry first came to our luncheon, he wasn’t used to our theme and how sincere our regulars were. I have seen Terry open his heart to our community at our Little Wing Connections Luncheons for years now. Terry is compassionate and patient. Terry and Ryan are very knowledgeable in the work that they do. Their company, Upward Trend helps our local business have a prominent web presence.
Terry Minion
Internet Marketing, Consulting,
Sales Management, Blogs
Our goal is very simple: Help you grow your business. Everything that we do is aimed at helping you grow your business, from our Internet tools and packages, to consulting services, to sales management.
Being effective on the Internet is much more than just having a website, so we help you by not only having an effective website, but put signs all over the Internet directing people to your business enterprises. We do this through the use of various Internet properties, all in concert toward growing your Internet presence and expanding your businesses influence and success.
It is our sales management experience that helps drive our focus on improving your bottom line. Between Terry and Ryan, we have over 50 years of sales and sales management experience in a variety of fields. This experience is invaluable in helping small businesses increase their marketing and sales effectiveness and profitability.