Monte Hoover of Gillespie's Abbey Carpet & Flooring

Monte Hoover is an exception to the rule. He is everywhere, putting his word behind his actions. I have seen people get too wrapped up in their job title that they become unattainable. They forget why or what they are there for. All businesses need humans to purchase or use their products. Monte knows this, he breathes this. He is approachable and humble. As the Owner of Gillespie’s Abbey Carpet & Flooring, Monte makes sure his community comes first.

Monte started his employment at Gillespie’s under his mother and father, Russ and Charlene over 40 years ago! Beginning his employment as a cleaning technician, Monte has taken responsibility of anything from project management and business planning to marketing and accounting. As a Vacaville High School Graduate, 37 years as a member of the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, Honorary Commander at TAFB and various other philanthropic groups, it is safe to say that Monte is a man of his community. In the free time he finds outside of working and giving back to the community, he’s likely in a duck blind with his chocolate lab Maggie, spending time with his wife Sharon or working on his yard!