Dynamic Susan Schwartz

Susan is our luncheon’s  videographer, streaming us live for those who are not able to leave their desks for their monthly connection. Susan announces those who are watching us and makes it seamless to connect. Susan is active with the Vacaville Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club, volunteering her gardening expertise for their bountiful vegetable garden. Susan was selected as volunteer of the year for her work at the Vacaville Neighborhood Boy’s and Girl’s Club, she is a powerful advocate for children, her colleagues are drawn into the happenings at the club when the need arises. Organized Cash Mob to support local business, donated her time to the Yippie Yogurt Foundation and supports CTE Solano County Office Of Education.
Last year, she brought cash mob to Vacaville. Susan is innovative and intentional, focusing on helping others  from the kindness of her heart.