Alex Hall and DeltaNet

Alex Hall has thought of a brilliant idea for target marketing our local businesses. DeltaNet is a company that records local business commercials and displays it on TV’s mounted throughout our local businesses. So the viewer doesn’t get stuck watching mass commercials from large corporations while they are using our local retailers.
Here is some information I found off there website: 318384_2373427062658_1459983334_2637783_551191230_n
Why Advertise with DeltaNet?
Start advertising today! – DeltaNet digital advertising and marketing DeltaNet Marketing offers a unique brand of advertising, by maximizing your exposure at high consumer-traffic locations. Maximize your advertising dollars with our eye-catching ads on our large HD monitors.
Through our innovative visual digital imaging on a HD wide-screen monitor, your customers and prospects will see and learn about you in high-traffic, custom selected locations. This subtle yet effective service keeps you first in the minds of the consumers.

The DeltaNet Network consists of numerous locations strategically placed throughout the Fairfield, Suisun City and Vacaville areas. Maximize your businesses exposure to consumers by advertising on our DeltaNet Network.
Selected Locations Based on High-Volume traffic
Cross Promotion of Other Businesses/Locations
Targets Consumers with Disposable Income
Displays your ad up to 800 times per day
Keeps Your Business on Consumers Minds
Maximizes Your Exposure with Consumers
Eye-Catching Ads on Large HD Screens
Targeted Demographic-Specific Ads
Target Captive Audience
Unlike television advertising, the cost per exposure is significantly reduced leaving you with a professional digital ad at a fraction of the cost.