Doug Hough and his amazing photograghy

Before Dough Hough retired, his studio was located on Cernon Dr. in the little blue house. It was the norm to have a line out the door with local professionals waiting for their glamour shots to be used for their marketing materials. Doug had a way of convincing the shy ones to smile as well as bringing out the inner beauty in all of us.
IMG_6147 - Cropped
Here are some thoughts from Doug himself, sent to all of his past clients.
“Having spent a good part of my life behind a camera, part of that time as a professional photographer with my own studio, I thought I’d share with you some thoughts on how to take a “perfect picture.” Here’s a note I wrote for an art show where my work was on display a number of years ago. So if your really want to take a perfect picture, with your camera, just follow these simple steps:
Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my work. Some of these are from a series I’m working on about a photographer, and his dog Wolf, who take a trip to the edge of the world in search of the perfect photograph.
What is a “perfect photograph?” It’s the one that works for you. Whether you think these images are perfect for the empty spot over your mantle, or just right for the wall of your outhouse, the perfect photo is the one that inspires you, not me.
Perhaps the best way to answer this age-old question is to look at the walls of your own home, or the homes of your friends and family. There you’ll probably see some landscape photos of scenic places, beautiful paintings, animals or other artwork. Images of peace and beauty that inspire us.
But if you really look, you’ll see that most of the images that adorn our walls are people pictures, friends, and family, and loved ones. Those are things that matter the most to us.
As Christmas and the holiday season passes it’s a good time for us to remember all the loved ones in our life. People who inspired us, encouraged us, stood by us, and loved us.
As a professional photographer, I know what makes the perfect photograph and I’ll share this secret with you. You may find some of my images appealing to you, but the perfect photograph isn’t here. It’s right out there waiting for you to take it, maybe today.
To take the perfect picture all you have to do is follow “Doug’s Golden Rule of Photography.” Doug’s Golden Rule simply says, “You can’t take a bad picture of someone you love.”
So take your camera, point it at the people you love, push the button and you’ll take a perfect picture every time.”
Be safe, Doug 😉