Little Wing Connections Holiday Luncheon is on December 5, 2013

The holidays bring out so much excitement within me as I scurry  in the bliss of giving. Jocelyne, Corina and I have thought of some great ideas for our December luncheon at our new location in Fairfield at the Courtyard Marriott. I am looking forward to the smiles and acknowledgement of presence as we honor so many of our guests! This is truly an exciting time for our community as our businesses grow and give back to the best of their abilities through contribution and accountability.

Hope to see everyone on Thursday!!!

Little Wing Connections Monthly Business Contribution Luncheon meets every first Thursday of the month at the Courtyard Marriott located at 1350 Holiday Ln., Fairfield, CA. There are no membership fees or exclusivity guidelines, $18.00 pays for your entrance, lunch is provided.
Little Wing Connections Public Relations and Marketing brings together like minded businesses that are making themselves accountable for their community’s growth by contributing where there is an awareness of needs brought to our attention through the platforms of our luncheons and engaging with our clients and peers throughout our communities.
At our Luncheons, We perform different activities that engage our participants to share their life work or charitable causes and events in which local business owners can participate in. Each month we have a spotlight speaker who shares great information on their services and contributions that are available in our Community.
We also have a Social Media Presence through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram that are focused on your announcements and key places to be, a great way for your clients to see how active you are in your community.
LWC lunches are streamed LIVE from comf5 Your Marketing Spot.
Just go to click on the green arrow to start event and let Susan know you are there by saying hello in the chat window.
If you have questions please feel free to ask.
If you cannot log in at the specified time it will be archived to watch at your convenience.