Common Website Mistakes

Recently, Little Wing Connections has been working on various websites for it’s clients. This article shares a common thread in the ideals that a small business owner forgets when creating their web presence.
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 5 Website Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

By Chad Brooks, BusinessNewsDaily contributor FOXBusiness

Simply having a website is no longer a way for businesses to stand out from the crowd. Having a good website is.
Websites that aren’t appealing or are difficult to navigate can end up doing more harm than good. Based on years of years of experience working with small businesses and startups, David Chen, CEO of Strikingly, which provides users with easy ways to create their own mobile websites, knows exactly what businesses need — and don’t need — when it comes to their online presence.
To help others, Chen has developed a list of mistakes business owners should avoid when launching their website, including:

  • Too many clicks: Traditional websites ask people to “click around,” but clicking is the most unnatural experience to the human brain. Every click requires the page to refresh, leaving the audience with a complete white screen for half a second.
  • Not easily updated: Businesses that have to pay an outside company to update their website will end up spending a fortune and may even be left without access to important files. It is important for businesses to have a way to update the site without having any technical knowledge.
  • Not mobile friendly: Websites should not only be accessible on mobile devices, but also offer a completely different and beautiful experience.
  • Complicated wording: Most business websites don’t explain what they actually do in a simple way. Too much information is boring and time-consuming. Encourage people to take action and click through quickly, using clear wording that’s not confusing.
  • Too much content: A screen filled with text might make a website look “full,” but it’s not easy on the eyes. Have a few bullet points that get the message across, and pair that up with multimedia content.

Chen founded Strikingly in 2011 with friends Teng Bao and Dafeng Guo.
Originally published on BusinessNewsDaily.