Wendy VanHatten and her mystery novels

Wendy VanHatten out

How does one get from health care administration to travel writing to writing mystery novels?

Wendy VanHatten will give some insights on switching careers, developing a new business, becoming published in the world of travel, and trying to keep up with the changing world of marketing.

Wendy is a published author, Editor of Prime Time Living Magazine, professional editor for authors, and contributing writer in additional magazines. Her children’s books, the Max and Myron series, teach children to read while learning to become good citizens with positive character traits. She has taught writing at the college level and travel writing for continuing education workshops. Currently, she documents travel advice and photos in her blog, www.travelsandescapes.blogspot.com. More information about Wendy and her books may be found at www.wendyvanhatten.com.

Her books are available on Amazon or from her website.

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