Tools by Wendy VanHatten

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Writing a book is like building a house. You need tools. Not just any tools…the right ones. It helps if you think about some of these things as you think about your first or your next book.
Do you have a great title? How long do you look at a book, read its title, and decide if you want to read it or not? Apparently, most people take less than seven seconds to decide. That’s reading the title and the back cover. That means you, as a writer, better grab the attention of a perspective reader quickly…very quickly. And, that’s the purpose of a great title.
Do you have a subtitle? If so, does it reveal what you want it to about the book? This is where your unique selling proposition comes in. It takes the perspective reader one step closer to reading your book.
Do you have great testimonials or interesting blurbs on the back cover? These support your title and subtitle. Plus, the right testimonial from the right person can quickly sell a book.
These are a start. Now you can finish writing…have fun.
Wendy VanHatten
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