Frank Samson

Frank Samson
Prior to starting Senior Care Authority, Frank was a veteran of both the franchise and travel industries for 34 years.
Frank has had a passion for senior care since having to care for family members and personally experience the challenges that face families today. After several years of researching the health care industry, he began Senior Care Authority, which has already helped hundreds of families throughout California and has developed a network of professionals around the country providing similar services.
He has also developed elder resource websites in the Bay Area, Sacramento and Los Angeles which has already attracted tens of thousands of visitors from families looking for assistance with home care, assisted living, elder law, geriatric consultants and more.
Frank is a member of Section on Aging Chapters and Senior Roundtable groups. He is a Certified Senior Advisor, member of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors and is part of CSA Leaders Network.
His expertise in senior care has given him the opportunity to write regular columns on this subject in local newspapers. In addition, he hosts a regular Podcast called “The Aging Boomers”, which also appears on iTunes, radio stations and is integrated in an app on iPhones and Droids.