Julia Smith

Julia Smith
My name is Julia Smith and I started Bay Area Electronic Medical Billing in 2001 after giving birth to my son. I wanted to maintain a stay at home mom status while my children were still young. Now that my children are older I have been thriving to make my company better by connecting with the community and getting to know my local business’s and physicians in the Bay Area.
I started out in San Francisco but moved to Vacaville in 2006 and have been here ever since. Bay Area Electronic Medical Billing also caters to different facilities and has one on one Consultations regarding updates on up and coming changes to the Medical Industry.
The services Bay Area Electronic Medical Billing offer are of course Medical Billing including but not limited to Billing:
1. Medicare
2. Medi-cal
3. Workers Comp
4. Private insurance
5. HMO & PPO
6. Auto & Liens
7. Tricare….& more
8. We get authorizations if needed
Bay Area Electronic Medical Billing specializes in revenue recovery, meaning if you have unpaid medical claims that you haven’t been able to collect on then 9 times out of 10 I can collect the money on those claims.
We submit clean claims so that you as a doctor can get paid fast.
Julia Smith