Bill Lee

302430_4177659527342_1588331417_nMy name is Bill Lee. I was born in Northern California and grew up playing sports. I played baseball, wrestled, karate, swimming, cross-country, and rugby I worked as a Machine operator for the Navy Mare Island Shipyard for three years. When I was laid-off, I decided to go into healthcare. I put myself through college and became a Healthcare Tech and bought my first house in Fairfield. Then I went back to college and became an RN. I worked at several hospitals and worked three jobs.
My wife decided when our son was born to look for a home-based business so she can stay home and watch our child grow up. I also always had entrepreneurship in me and eventually wanted to work for myself. I am a very passionate person. I care for a lot of people. Since I have that passion, I support the Sunshine Kids, a foundation that helps cancer kids have a better life.
When we found LegalShield, we found services very beneficial, such as, help from attorneys, saving us money on insurance issues, purchasing vehicles, and helping with identity theft issues which gives us a peace of mind having a family protected. We then decided to become an Independent Associates. We got excited for the future, and glad we took the big step of being Independent Business Owners.
My wife Nadine and I live in the local area and are raising our 12-year-old while working from home. I have strong leadership skills and help inspire people to have a better lifestyle. I don’t quit and will always finish what I started. I love fishing as a hobby. I also like to travel to different countries to learn different ways of life. I have been to London, Paris, Mexico, Canada, and want to travel the world in the future.