Northbay HealthcareYou see our name on fliers and banners. In newspapers and magazines and on the Intranet. We’re sponsors and supporters of a multitude of local charities and fundraisers throughout Solano County. Yes, NorthBay Healthcare and NorthBay Healthcare Foundation may seem to be everywhere.
Where you won’t see us is on expensive TV commercials, on pricey billboards lining major interstates or at multi-million baseball parks paying for spectacular fireworks displays outside of Solano County.
Our dollars and efforts are spent here and only here. When NorthBay was founded as Intercommunity Hospital in the 1950s, our mission was to support the people of this county with health care. Today, that mission remains as true as ever. We are still dedicated to bringing the absolute best care possible to this community.
NorthBay is a unique organization. We are one of only a handful of locally owned, locally run healthcare organizations left in the country.There is no corporate entity anywhere else to which our leaders report.
Our governing board members are volunteers who also live, work and play right here. They are your neighbors and friends who help guide and support what we do to serve this community.
Did you know that we are a “disproportionate share hospital”? In clearer language – we have significantly more non-paying patients or under-paying patients than those with commercial insurance. This is not by accident. Our founding fathers made a promise to this community that we would serve everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, and we do.
Who else will care for the financially fragile?
Unlike neighboring counties, Solano County has no community-funded hospital. NorthBay is the default provider for those with no options.
There are many who continue to question why NorthBay is involved everywhere and seems able to support so many community events. It appears to them that we must be flush with funds and no longer need externalsupport from philanthropic individuals or groups. Not true! Our community recognizes there will always be a need to fulfill those pieces and parts that are otherwise not provided to the most needy. The duty we have been charged with is to make sure the citizens of Solano County know that we are here to take care of them.Often the events we support align with our healthcare mission.
NorthBay Healthcare has been fortunate to have long-standing leadership with the solid vision to be the most outstanding healthcare organization possible. Our leaders have given us a strong footing from which we can continue to grow and flourish. But we must remember: With no margin, there is no money. We need funds to maintain and build modern facilities and obtain the most up-to-dateequipment, allowing NorthBay to continue to provide the most comprehensive care anywhere.
Our community financial and philanthropic support is a substantial piece needed to assist many programs not available elsewhere.
Yes, you will continue to see our logos on fliers to support events and fundraisers … but you will only see them supporting Solano County and our citizens so we can provide the most advanced medicine available close to home.
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Executive Assistant to the President
NorthBay Healthcare Foundation
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