Edward Ober

Edward Ober
Edward Ober, Co-Founder and President of Smarter Planet Enterprises Corporation , (SPEC).
Principal of Edward Ober Consulting
Ed’s motivation to create Smarter Planet Enterprises is rooted in a vision for human life on earth that is in harmony and balance with its environment. For this venture, Ed has partnered with several other talented individuals to create an organization committed to developing sustainable infrastructure for local communities in the 21st century.
Sustainable infrastructure includes structural as well as programmatic aspects of essential community functions, such as water systems, agricultural and livestock systems, food distribution systems, roads and bridges, waste systems, buildings and homes, energy systems, and others. To start this ambitious mission, SPEC is focusing first on agriculture and is developing a new food production and distribution model which has the potential to change our food paradigm. Ed and his team are focusing on developing closed-loop aquaponics systems capable of growing a wide variety of high quality foods in any environment. Aquaponics is an emerging agricultural technology by which fish and food are grown together without genetic modification, fertilizers or pesticides (organic). The produce from these systems is some of the best you will ever taste, and you can grow it in your back yard.
As a consultant, Ed provides assistance to companies, nonprofits and government agencies on multiple subjects, including grant research and writing, organizational development, strategic planning, proposal and budget development, marketing and project planning, business and programmatic research, analysis, evaluation, project management, content development, among other services. Ed is also a Senior Associate with Grant Management Associates, a grant writing and business consulting services firm in California that has a specialty in environmental projects and companies, and serves clients nationwide. Most recently, Ed led a grant application to the California Energy Commission for a client which was awarded $5M to help convert a closed petroleum refinery into an environmentally-friendly bio-diesel refinery. Ed is also a liaison and representative for clients with state agencies. Ed has experience with numerous state and federal agencies.
Ed also has a background with large and small nonprofit organizations. While with California Human Development (CHD), Ed was a part of the Development Team that pursued grants and engaged in various business development activities including development or modification of programs. Ed helped develop their training programs and even helped design and implement a new Green Construction Training program. Ed’s work on various grant applications at CHD helped bring in over $35M in funding during his tenure.
Ed has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from CSU Long Beach and also is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He lives in El Dorado County.
Edward Ober