Angelina Alire

Angelina received her Mat and Apparatus certifications at ITT pilates
in 2007. She trained under Master Instructors Debra Schubert, Madeline
Black, Joerg Chabowski and Jean Sullivan. She has been a certified
Pilates Instructor since 2008 and currently teaches privates, Trios,
duets, springboard and CoreAlign classes at Pilates Collective.
Angelina has worked with athletic students, active adults and those
with chronic pain. Having personal knowledge of chronic pain, Angelina
uses her Pilates training along with her knowledge of Reiki mastery,
energy work, and her intuitive skill to work deeply and effectively
with those who experience fibromyalgia, back pain, migraine, Lyme
Disease and other chronic issues.
(707) 228-0485