Helping people get healthy By Loretta McGrath

Loretta McGrath
Helping people get healthy is what the Dynamic Body Stretching (DBS) program is all about and nobody epitomizes this mantra more than DBS founder, accomplished fitness veteran Loretta McGrath. Loretta first took the fitness industry by storm in 1995, when her personal training business boomed alongside her career as a top fitness model. Being a national level NPC figure competitor, Loretta was constantly improving her own fitness regimen to ensure her body’s safety and longevity at all costs. Through her competitive modeling experiences and years of careful attention to and analysis of her personal training client’s needs, Loretta developed the innovative DBS program that exists today.


That’s what established Massage Therapist, Jill Panaro, had to say about Loretta after taking her DBS certification seminar in the City of Angels and you will too! Loretta pursues her true love with 100% dedication: helping people get healthy. Massage Therapists like Jill nationwide are improving their businesses and their clients’ quality of life by signing up and becoming DBS certified.


Loretta believes that the key to an improvement in public health is education, so her seminars focus on giving health professionals the tools and knowledge they require to effectively apply her DBS program to clients experiencing limited range of motion, joint stiffness, and other debilitating physical imbalances. Loretta shares information she’s gained over 16+ years of extensive study, imparting cutting edge insights about joint and muscle movement to her DBS specialists in training.


Many certification programs and training seminars are inspiring for a few days but then attendees wander off and, ultimately, wind up feeling frustrated and lost. Loretta has created more than just another brand with DBS—she’s created a fitness family. Networking at her seminars results in relationships that last, keeping attendees on track with their business and up to date with the industry. Additionally, Loretta has developed a comprehensive software program which goes hand in hand with the DBS certification process. All certified DBS trainers use this software to develop fully customized fitness programs for and track progress with their clients. With Loretta, no trainer is left behind—she quite literally has your back!


Isn’t it time you loved your job? Loretta thinks so! How many people can wake up in the morning and say “today I’m going to take someone’s pain away”? Becoming a DBS specialist is the gift that keeps on giving. At your DBS certification seminar, Loretta will hand you the key to improving your own standard of living by helping others achieve better health.