Kristine Hejnicki

Kristine Hejnicki
Solano County resident , is the Founder & President of Who’s Hiring Solano? (est. October 12, 2012)
Kristine began writing resumes for friends and family. She created a private group on Facebook just for family and friends to be apart of, she used the group to post jobs and share leads from her Human Resource connections. Eventually the group began to grow and grow and just a few days shy of her two year anniversary she has 3200 members. With hundreds of testimonies of HR personnel and clients stating they have been searching for a job (or employee) for some time and have had success with Who’s Hiring Solano?
Who’s Hiring Solano is a Non Profit organization and Kristine really utilizes the community to reach out to employers to use her site instead of paying the outrageous fees to “Big Name” job boards & feels she can keep the jobs local this way.
Members of Who’s Hiring Solano share the job leads they find around town by posting it to the Facebook page or emailing it directly to HR personnel use Kristine as a filter as well, Kristine recieves over 20 resumes a day. HR personnel know they can contact Kristine and she will have a resume and a great person for the position, if not she will post on her site and find them one.
Kristine hopes to take Who’s Hiring Solano to many career fairs and help get our teens working and help them get experience in interviewing. She plans that Who’s Hiring Solano Facebook to grow much bigger, and she is delighted to help serve each of her clients.
Looking for work or for your next employee… check out Who’s Hiring Solano?
Twitter: @SolanoJobs