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SNiP Business Plan and reason for existence:
A sampling of only 4 County Shelters within 30 miles from Vallejo, California, showed an average of 756 animals are being put to death monthly. The greatest share being at the Solano Facility in Fairfield; 549. Approximately one third of those animals come from Vallejo.
Solano County General Services Department, Animal Care Services Division, 2009-2010 Grand Jury Report states, “Solano County’s euthanasia rate is about 20% higher than similar sized counties in California.” No explanation is given.
Scott James, blogger, writes, Animal Euthanasia Rates Vastly Higher Outside San Francisco, “Dogs and cats in nearby counties are up to 30 times more likely to be destroyed than in San Francisco.” Solano County is #1, Contra Costa #2, Napa County #3 and Sonoma County #4.
Our Market:
In 2013, 2616 Vallejo companion animals were sent to the county facility in Fairfield. Most were euthanized including puppies, kittens and animals over 6 years old. Some animals are given a temperament test if the staff deems that animal may be adoptable. Some do not pass simply because that pet has been abandoned by their families, put in a small box in the Animal Control truck, taken to a facility where animals are barking and crying their hearts out, so they are killed.
This last year working at Wags & Whiskers Thrift for SNiP benefiting the Spay Neuter Project, SNiP learned that animals are abandoned on the streets no matter what age, drowned in their own homes or otherwise murdered. A couple weeks ago SNiP learned that animals are dumped dead and alive in the trash bins. Recology calls Animals Control frequently to gather the live ones.
There is simply not enough room at the HSNB, rescue groups and foster homes to take all of the thousands of animals picked up each year by Animal Control in Vallejo. The cost to Vallejo is approx. $200 per animal or approx. $520,000 last year alone to transfer the 2616 animals from Vallejo to the county facility. Spay and neuter is essential. Many reasons exist why people still allow their animals to breed; few know about the problem, no money, no transportation, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; people are focusing on feeding and housing their families first. Some simply don’t care.
There is light at the end of the tunnel. A new Board of Directors and Staff have taken over the Humane Society of the North Bay. SNiP was given $100,000 and purchased a huge spay/neuter mobile clinic. HSNB and SNiP are now working in tandem to help the animals of Vallejo. HSNB voted to allow the mobile SNiP clinic to reside on the HSNB site on Solano Blvd, Vallejo indefinitely.
In 2013, Vallejo was #6 on the Forbes Magazine list of the most miserable cities in the United States. Studies have shown the link between animals abuse and abuse of those in the home called The Cycle of Abuse by the Humane Society of the United States. SNiP want to break that cycle and put Vallejo on the map as one of the most desirable and historic cities in the United States.
Definition of Services
SNiP is dedicated to fulfilling our mission of ending the overpopulation, homelessness and euthanasia of companion animals in Vallejo. To this end we will offer high quality, affordable spay and neuter services.
Free and low-cost Spay/Neuter and Vaccinations
Those who care must, in some cases, make an extra effort to stop the atrocity of mass euthanasia in local shelters. That extra effort includes finding pet owners with un-sterilized pets, convincing them to sterilize their pet, transport the pet to the clinic for shots and sterilization, pay for the sterilization and return the pet. We must do what is necessary to achieve the vision where every companion animal is loved and wanted.
$165,000 equaling 1,650 coupons attained from the 2013 Vallejo Participatory Budgeting process will be implemented pursuant to Resolution No. 13-149 N. C. Three veterinarians have agreed to spay/neuter; All Creatures, Bayside and Animal Advocates. The SNiP mobile clinic will supplement spay/neuter operations when operational. All surgeries include office visit and pre-surgical exam.
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