Julie Ward

Julie Ward
Jules has spent over a decade working with many different healing modalities, starting her journey of self discovery and healing through Usui Reiki in 2002 where she was told by her Reiki Guide that she had been attuned by Spirit with the symbols and was guided to the Reiki Master they wished her to learn the art of Reiki Healing from. This explained why she was able to write and say the Reiki Symbols quickly without any practice as Reiki is something she has spent many lives perfecting, and became a Usui Reiki Master in 2004.
In 2006 Jules became attuned to the vibration of the Violet Flame & Reiki DNA and from there on to the Akashic Vibration in 2007. When she began accessing her own Akashic Records, this is when Jules realised how powerful this type of healing is as began clearing many lifetimes of trauma and abuse which freed her energy bodies creating space for further growth.
In 2008 she was directed by her angels to attend a course for Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapy, NLP & Stress Management under the tuition of Carol Wan of Life Solutions. she achieve a diploma in Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) and a Certificate in Stress Management.
2009 she became attuned to Ascension Reiki through Jayson Suttkus the founder of Ascension Reiki and this totally transformed her world from the inside out. Jules became aligned with my Higher Self/Soul in the deepest of ways and her intuitive and clairvoyant abilities opened up completely allowing deeper access to the spiritual realms and her spiritual path.
Jules found her healings became stronger and the insights spanned lifetimes for those who come for healing with her. She realized many times that our blocks to moving forward are anchored in previous lives and through the deeper connection she has is able to see to the core reason of why situations in need of healing are running through clients lives and create a space of healing light so they can be processed, healed and released.
In 2011 she became a ThetaDNA Practitioner Level 2 under the teachings of Vianna Stibal and Wendy Howe which enhanced her Hypnotherapy and NLP skills and moved her toward healing on a cellular/DNA level and accessing the sub conscious mind to bring about deep life changing healing for those that are ready for it.
2013 she completed the Angel Card & Advanced Angel Reading course with Doreen Virtue which created a stronger connection with the Archangelic realms who work with her in all her healing, guidance and mentoring sessions.
You can find Jules on her Facebook page, Essence of Spirit.