Positive Magazine by Tiffany Love

Positive Magazine Tiffany Love
Tiffany Love once wanted to be an engineer and lawyer, but she became a much needed expression of love. Born and raised in California she is the youngest of three girls. Growing up in a family of women wasn’t always easy for the adventurous and rugged girl who refused to wear a dress. She accepted early in life that she marched to the beat of her own drum, so she enjoyed the music. Her family is composed of early childhood educators so learning was a way of life. She was always told she could be whatever she wanted, so she choose the most challenging careers she could find. But early on in life she began to encounter medical emergencies and in her twenties she had her first major medical crises leaving her on life support for weeks. This was Tiffany’s defining moment, which opened her eyes to the fragility of life. It would take several like emergencies before she shifted her career and embarked on the road of self discovery. Having tried many of her interest some to phenomenal success and others as lessons learned she braved the hills, valleys, mountain tops and oceans; and made it to her purpose. It was a meditation post to her Positive Magazine YouTube that went viral and it also revealed her true calling. Tiffany found it hard to ignore the her viewers comments of how she has helped them, kept them alive and inspired them. She says she’s still figuring it all out, but she’s delighted by what each day holds she lets her audience know, “I’m just doing what I love with all my heart.”
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