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Luna Blue Boutique
I have always felt a mystical kinship with crystals and stones. As a child, I would come home with pockets full of all kinds of pebbles and stones, each one with its own story, its own unique personality. As a sensitive, an intuitive and an artist, I have always had crystals nearby for comfort and inspiration. I have lived a creative life and found many ways to express myself artistically, being lucky enough to create for a living in more ways than one over the years. But it wasn’t until I decided (after *much* belligerent urging from my guides!) to follow my heart, combining my artistic expression with the mineral kingdom, that I truly found my passion and Luna Blue was born.
“There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.”
Once the door to that divine flow opened, the whimsical crystal artworks that now grace the shelves of Luna Blue Boutique began to flow through and have not stopped. Since Luna Blue Boutique opened in the summer of 2012, serendipity and I have become great friends! I have met so many wonderful people, experienced so many blessings and come to know the true meaning of what is it to live in the moment. I feel lucky and blessed to be on a path of following my bliss. Thank you for joining me!
Valkyrie Cox, Luna Blue Boutique
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Valkyrie Cox
“I love this shop! It is my favorite place to shop for crystals and wands online. I love the owner Val. She is fair and honest, and an amazing artist with great taste and great deals on some amazing pieces. Every piece i buy is just buzzing with love and light. One of my favorite sellers on etsy by far. ”
“Gorgeous rocks and a wonderful woman behind them. Val is extremely accommodating and knowledgeable. She’s helped me with sound advice, keeping a lookout for hard to find stones and very patient with me. Just can’t say enough good things about her and her crystals! ”
“I absolutely LOVE this wand! All the pink crystals are magnificent and the selection of crystals used is highly professional – all have very high, tangible vibration levels. I’ve purchased many items from this store and recommend this seller 100% 100 times over Beautiful art, fast shipping, wonderful woman!”
Luna Blue Boutique crystals