Leslie Molera

Leslie Molera
Leslie Molera was born and lived in Orange County, Southern CA until age 19. She was raised with three brothers and led a very active childhood.
Leslie always had a love for art from an early age. Her kindergarten teacher sent a note home to her parents stating, “Leslie will not share the easel with the other kids”. This was only the beginning.
Her third grade teacher recognized this gift. When Leslie was finished with her assignments, her teacher put her talents to work painting the class windows for holidays, painting sets for class plays and making large banners and posters for school and church events. Leslie began to get instruction for training her artistic talents by taking an adult school painting class when she was in eighth grade and continued to take art classes at Lowell High School. Upon graduation Leslie attended Fullerton Junior College with her sights on commercial art and graphic design.
Leslie moved to Solano County in 1979 with her husband and infant daughter to raise their growing family. She continued building her art skills by attending art classes at Solano College while actively parenting their three small children.
Leslie went back to work for Alpha Beta, a grocery company she had been employed with in Southern California. She was hired with Raley’s Superstores in Vacaville in 1984. She worked for them for 16 years. They quickly put Leslie’s talents to work designing storewide displays and signs. This is where Leslie developed a love for working with an oversized canvas.
Leslie was divorced, remarried and added two more beautiful children to their family, to make five. While working for Raley’s, actively parenting her five children and still attending art classes at Solano College, Leslie began using her talents on the walls of their new home. A designer at a local paint store recognized Leslie’s talents and immediately put her to work by arranging her first mural job for a local dentist office in 1993. It snowballed from there! Word of mouth quickly spread and Leslie left Raley’s to pursue her artistic career. Leslie’s artwork has extended beyond murals to include decorative painting, faux finishes, plaster, and canvas works of art.
Leslie’s artwork can be seen in numerous residences, businesses and schools from the Bay area throughout Northern CA.
Leslie’s favorite thing to paint is canvas pieces of work in her own personal style, which is modern and has vibrant colors with lots of action. Her piece “A Day at The Lake” won the City Purchase Award at the Vacaville Art Gallery’s Annual Art Show 2009. She would like to pursue painting in her personal style and eventually move from leaving her artwork on walls, to painting on canvas and reproducing her pieces in print.
Painting and artwork has been a rewarding career for Leslie. She loves the challenge of transforming plain interior or exterior spaces into works of art. It’s very satisfying to her to be able to translate her talent into something that brings other people joy.
Leslie welcomes every chance she has to encourage other artists or young painters to develop their gifts and talents, to be able to pursue a career doing something they will love doing and will never grow tired of, because there are NO LIMITS.