Tino Bauer

Tino Bauer
I, Tino Bauer was born in 1973 in Mühlhausen / Thuringia. Very early on I discovered my passion for painting and art. Art is usually only abstract shapes and colors made ​​for a lot of people together, but art is more. It’s different to see the gift of freedom and stuff, but without being complicated or even exert pressure. As the art world is staggered wide and there are many different types and ways to live out this, I tried just try this many art movements and to find myself so also I learned so step by step, various application techniques of “modern” art in my teenage years. I drew comics, portraits and landscapes, made ​​sketches for furniture and cityscapes. To be mostly away ever implemented by any chance, but always with ideas that went beyond a normal solution of time.
Tino Bauer abstract
A few years later I traded pencil against the computer mouse was able to “digitize” me with the help of the computer and its graphics and design options. During this time I began to paint my first pictures for my immediate surroundings and a little later even to sell. After my years of training my desire grew in me to make more out of my hobby so far. I was an independent and freelance artists. from then on everything went very fast and I found broad acceptance among friends and customers around Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Tino Bauer Illuminated Poppies
A little later, in 1998, I joined the German Association of Artists to expand my artistic environment. I understood that art has its own rhythm and creativity constantly supplies needed, so I joined in 2000, where I live with my job and moved into the Künstlerloft “Gallery Plus”. There I met other artists who again showed me new ways and opportunities. For example, I was able to learn how to use metal with designer wrought “Double HH Design”. Although metal has a life of its own other than the brush and the color, but this material is more flexible than you might first think. With this newfound freedom my customer environment grew and now I had the chance take my photos to show to customers worldwide -. The Internet goodness
Tino Bauer Remembrance 2
I suddenly fragrances of customers to supply their own language 10 meanings for the word “art” has, but you still my images without problems “read” could. I understand that I must call this development to my art to present in a new form – worldwide. I chose an offer from Hong Kong to accept and leave Germany behind me. Hong Kong, this shimmering metropolis, with seemingly without limits opportunities for nearly 5 years was my new home. everywhere and in every corner offered themselves to me new themes and inspirations: the skyline, the botanical gardens, the crowded streets, the endless beauty of the environment, but also the friendliness of its inhabitants. I was known and got invitations for exhibitions of my pictures in New York and Canada. My paintings were suddenly in the Austrian Ministry of Finance, were auctioned off in South Dakota for charity as part of an art auction and reproduced even in art magazines.
Tino Bauer CW7
After 5 years on the road around the globe, I decided to come back to Germany. “Back to the roots” was my motto. Back in my hometown, but no reason to stop. Finally, I was able to re-open my own gallery and showcase images in direct contact with my friends and customers. What might come next, I can not say yet. However, I am sure that me and my art will also bring this further.
Tino Bauer Aussenansicht