Connector is working with Santa!

Originally published on on November 12, 2014 By Conor Lynch.
connector talks to Santa
Connector is delighted to be working with Santa as he tries to reach even more kids, especially those who have been good this year!
Created by Cara Magic, Magic Friends Xmas is a really cool interactive app for adults and kids to have fun together at Christmas. It allows children to talk to Santa and his friends on an iPad or iPhone, where Santa is voiced by a family member as the Puppeteer on a second iPhone or iPad connected to the internet. The kids can also hear different stories and ask Santa what they want for Christmas.
As it was said in Digital Times, by MagicFriends founder and CEO Mike Hennessy “It has been great fun to watch children talking to our MagicFriends characters, Santa and his friends. The conversations can be hilarious. Children’s imaginations have no limits so you never know the direction they will go”.
Click here to visit the website we helped build for Mike and the team.