Darryl Hines

Darryl Hines
Darryl Hines founded Our Family Property Management Services in 2014 focusing on project management, property management, remodeling, and renovations in distressed properties.
Our Family Property Management Services is a Certified Property Manager graduating from Allied Business Schools in 2014 specializing in painting, plumbing, landscaping,  and contractor management. Our Family Property Management Services is a proud member of Who’s Who and REM and is affiliated with Edmon Base Information and Security Services, dba. Investigations, Skip Traces, Private Security, Background Checks, Tenant Screening, Public Information searches.
Darryl has a history in Law Enforcement of 18 years, is a Military Vet, a Government employee, served in Security and Protection Services for  20 years and has been a American Red Cross-National Volunteer since 2005. Darryl was present for Hurricane Katrina, an advocate for Safety & Security as a Lead/Supervisor, Life, Safety Asset Protection, Body Guard, Investor, and Public Servant.
Darryl Hynes
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