Enter 2015 with Energy, Power and a Functional Email Inbox!

Enter 2015 with Energy, Power and a Functional Email Inbox!
Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of emails sitting in your inbox?
Does everything revolve around the next email landing in your inbox?
Do you find yourself checking your email before just about anything else in the morning?
Is your email in control of you?
It doesn’t have to be that overwhelming. You can be empowered to take control! And you can do it on your own terms, in your office, virtually …. Click here and enter 2015 in charge!
As one business owner said, “I started with 18,000 some odd emails in my inbox and I am trimming them down. I feel empowered to take control of my email and not have it control me. I’m tired of feeling weighted down by the sheer number of email sitting in my inbox. I am lighter already!” All on a Friday morning attending a virtual workshop guiding her through the steps!
Another business owner said after her virtual workshop “This was fricking awesome! I love my desk!”
The progress that you can make for simply 3 hours on a Friday morning attending a virtual productivity workshop in your own office is immeasurable.
Join us and get amazing value and guidance for your office. Click here and join in on December 19, January 23, February 20 and/or March 20 and Get It Done for more Profit and Productivity!
The regular price is $127 yet for all the wonderful business women in Caterina’s Thriving Business community, the price is only $97. There’s a 3 session package for $225 – that’s $75 for each of the next 3 sessions! (There’s even a special year long price that some folks have signed up for…. contact me directly if you’re interested in that package – 707.631.4SOS (4767) or sandy@sos2day.com.)
Please join me on our next virtual Friday morning – December 19 at 9am on a teleconference in your office! Signup here.
You’re going to be amazed at your progress toward profitability and productivity!!
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