Pamela Greaves

Pamela Greaves
I was born Pamela Diane Wright on a farm in Santa Rosa, California. After graduating from Santa Rosa High, I joined the Air Force to “see the world.” I hadn’t really been out of Northern California for any length of time and was not ready for the weather in other parts of the world, so I requested Travis AFB as my first duty assignment. I spent the next 20 or so years in some form of service at Travis, working on airplanes.
At times it was difficult. Working outside in wind and rain wasn’t even the worst of it. Being a woman in a field traditionally only done by men yielded lots of comments about reasons for my being there – looking for a husband dominated the comments. Sexual harassment was a common theme. Because of these difficulties, I told myself I was a pioneer, a trail blazer. My presence as a mechanic would make it that much easier for all the women who would come after me. I hope that was true. I hope that women in all fields that were traditionally dominated by men would find a somewhat easier path to career fulfillment.
I currently work for Solano County as an Information Technology Specialist and I also volunteer as Commissioner for the City of Vacaville Community Services. I applied as a commissioner as a way to give back. During my time with the Air Force, I was given many learning opportunities that easily translate to any organization. It was my desire to give back by sharing this knowledge with the city I have called home for more than 30 years now.
I love continuous improvement and seek ways in my daily life to incorporate those values and streamline processes wherever I can.

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