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What is Growing Bolder?

It’s an attitude. A mission. A passion. A team of people who believe in the power of hope, inspiration and possibility.
Growing Bolder is just one piece of Bolder Broadcasting Inc., among the world leaders in wellness and active lifestyle content creation and delivery across all major media platforms. Our products include the nationally distributed Growing Bolder TV and radio shows, the two-time Emmy-nominated Surviving & Thriving TV show, Growing Bolder Magazine, a network of community websites anchored by, and our newest venture, Bolder Docs, a documentary film unit dedicated to producing films that change lives. Our first documentary, Conquering Kilimanjaro, which follows 16 cancer survivors and supporters to the summit of the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, is now available on DVD.
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Growing Bolder® is among the world leaders in active lifestyle content creation and delivery. Across our many platforms, which include TV shows, documentary films, a radio show, a magazine, social media campaigns, strategic partnerships and so much more, we are Rebranding Aging.™
See how Growing Bolder, a one-of-a-kind active lifestyle brand, is changing the way the world looks at aging by smashing stereotypes and delivering hope, inspiration and possibility to the largest group of consumers in history.
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