Kenneth Fax

Kenneth Fax
I have had the honor pursuing an interesting to advance within leadership roles for the last 20 years, at least. At an early age, it was outstanding role models, expectations and leadership role within active communities. The communities were actively involved within post-diplomatic, cultural, scientific and inspirational leadership experiences. I still remember roles and stage appearances as early as nine years of age.
Through nearly 30 years within business technology, enterprise and conceptual innovations it has lead to becoming a veteran software executive across enterprise solutions, developer communities, education, utilities and health care / hospital information services. Overall, the location have been US, Asia, Latin America, Africa and European Union for public / private companies – to say the least.
I have been, designing, implementing and advising management of mobile platforms. I am increasingly focused on moving forward within career efforts, community sustainability and betterment as a whole. In several cases, it has been advisory and management roles for financial, accounting and business technology platforms, as well as key level decision makers.
The roles are usually to be an listen, analyze, mentor and influence outcomes. Within recent years it has been essential to align, partner and manage implementations for business to business enterprise to local community business – represent economic viability within communities. A few noteworthy and honourable examples are modeling sustainable revenue models such as mobile applications, mobile web, API, Javascript and mobile semantics to assist well meaning for-profit, not-for-profit, non-government agencies – such as United Nations Association, American Red Cross, University of California, San Francisco, Stanford University, GMIC (Global Mobile Internet China). The key is leveraging data, knowledge and community needs respectfully.
I can imaging providing leadership for communities, donors and non-profit , as a non-profit providing great services to the community. I have and continue to support mobile applications development, API (application program integration), mobile retail, mobile proximity, mobile marketing in US, Brazil, Mexico, Africa – as well as lead mobile back end services managed throughout more than thirty eight global locations.
I contribute much of professional financial savvy experience, to employment at past employers such as American Standard, Bank of America, US Federal Reserve, Churchill Exchange, AAA and consulting for accounting / tax service firms.
Overall, I understand that ninety percent of U.S. consumers own a mobile device and the widespread adoption mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets is opening the floodgates for innovation in the mobile marketplace – including more consumer financial services. One of the most lucrative areas of growth is mobile payments. The annual transaction value of online, mobile, and contactless payments is set to reach more than $2.5 trillion in 2014, with a five-year projection nearly doubling it to $4.7 trillion.
The world continue to grow with awareness to opportunities, innovation or conflicts. In the end, it is a matter of choice, practicality and support impactful solutions.