Tuesday Conner

Tuesday Conner
Tuesday has been privileged to costume Broadway shows, Film, Recording artist Television and Tours around the world. Following 35 successful years as a Costumier and designing for the 10-time Grammy winner, Chaka Khan Tuesday changed her career path and began Producing full-time. From one of the hottest comedy clubs in The Valley to the coolest poetry lounges in the country Tuesday’s talents are immeasurable. She’s the founder of Poet’s Jazz House; a Spoken Word & Music Lounge where spilling your heart is an art and searching your soul is mandatory to get in the door. As well as Inner City Cultural Center II, created to carry on a tradition to provide artists a place to learn, cultivate and grow.
Together with Piccolo’s Books Tuesday is building two children’s libraries in Jamaica at the Cedella Booker-Marley Basic School in Nine Mile and the Bob Marley Primary and Jr. High School in Kingston, Jamaica. Tuesday’s eclectic artists known as the ‘Royal Queens’ will teach Arts, Crafts, Business and Computer classes to those with a desire for higher education. Free for five days at the Grand Opening Celebration one can learn a trade, how to sell it on the internet and re-order supplies from sponsors. “How to Stand Out in a Crowd of Fruit Vendors” and inspire the creativity of “Authentic Jamaican-Made Products” is Tuesday’s desire to benefit the Artist and a whole community.

Art, Culture, Entertainment & Education
Come for the Experience, Come back for the Cool…

Current Projects:

“Sister” starring Erica Gimpel
“Blood” starring Maria Tomas & Phrederic Semaj
“Diamond” a Film by Ty Granderson Jones
The Gift of Knowledge Building children’s libraries in Jamaica
YouTube: The Gift of Knowledge & Piccolo’s Story

Tuesday Conner’s Contact info:
Phone: 714~4242
E-Mail: ctuesday@yahoo.com
Website: TuesdayConner.com