In the Lab with Norman Scally for March 2015


In the Lab

I installed Windows preview 10 on my R&D computer, along with Microsoft Office 2016 preview. During the install of Windows 10 you are forced to create an online Microsoft Account. There is away around that, just click on create new account, On the next page you will see a link to create a local account.
Windows 10 makes Windows 8 look like Windows 7. that’s basically it. The one thing I hate is that you have to unsubscribe to all these Apps that are preinstalled. It would be nice to have no apps installed, and I can pick the ones I want to install. Office 2016, is going to be touch friendly and geared towards using on a mobile device. I would not want to type a word doc, or work on an excel sheet on my mobile phone, no matter how big my phone is. Besides, WPS by Kingsoft has been available for a few years now, and it has word, excel, and powerpoint. for mobile phones and tablets. I think it is much better that Microsoft Office suite.

Norman Scally
Norman Scally Owner and Founder of Scallycomputechs. Scallycomputechs provides Computer,IT, and Cloud services to small businesses and residential customers.
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