Vinnie Langdon III

Vinnie Langdon III
Vinnie Langdon III is an American Actor, Filmmaker and Television Producer.
Vinnie started acting in his theater classes in elementary school from First grade thru Junior High. He was involved with local theater and enjoyed performing with Boy Scouts too. At age 13, he was allowed to join Solano Community College’s Theater Arts program due to being enthusiast and showing his passion for the performing arts.
Vinnie wanted to break into Film/TV acting seriously though but was unable to relocate to Los Angeles area. Instead he started taking video production classes at a local public access television station at age 14. After six months of classes, certifications, and a little self teaching along the way, Vinnie founded ‘The Vinnie Langdon Show’ – a community-oriented talk show that revolved around interviews with community members, rock and roll bands, actors who would be in the area and more. By the time Vinnie reached a freshmen in high school he had already produced one entire season (12 episodes.)
In 2006, Vinnie started putting his segments from his talk show on YouTube. That is when things started to take off.
Vinnie Langdon IIIOther Public Access TV Stations offered Vinnie air times in Sacramento and the East Bay. Vinnie became known in the Northern California region for his talk show and for his young aspirations as an actor which led him onto acting opportunities in both local and national TV commercials. Vinnie began producing his own independent films at the age of sixteen.
In 2006, he won ‘Best Comedy’ in the Idaho Panhandle International Film Festival for a short 10minute comedy titled ‘Permission.’ Vinnie at this time was walking the red carpet at the CineVegas Int’l Film Festival along stars like Dennis Hopper, Sylvester Stallone, Artie Lange, Christina Ricci and many more. Vinnie’s short films were also making film festival circuits from New Jersey to California.
By 2007, Vinnie’s public access program reached 4 public access stations from Sacramento to Vallejo with over 150 half-hour episodes with musical guests ranging from Paramore, Plain White Ts, Jonas Brothers, Megadeth, Alien Ant Farm, Anthrax and more.
In 2010, he won ‘Up And Comer Actor’ at the Sacramento International Film Festival. In 2013, he won the Sacramento Film Festival’s ‘Viral King Award’ for making the Film Festival’s promo video.
When Vinnie is not working on film projects or his own TV Series he is often found teaching video production or acting classes. From 2008-2010 he was working with the U.S.-China Council teaching Acting classes to Chinese Exchange students.
In 2014, Vinnie directed a national TV commercial for Staples in a world-wide competition. After placing first place, the commercial was distributed nationally on television in the U.S. for a “Back To School” themed commercial that was filmed in Vacaville’s own “Andrew’s Park.”
Vinnie has worked on over 20 independent films, put his time in as an extra in Hollywood Movies like ‘Contagion’, and Super Bowl commercials for Pepsi and Ritz Crackers to directing his own films locally around town.
Vinnie’s talk show is still on-going after 11-years, syndicated on 7 public access TV stations across the U.S.. He is currently working on his next feature-length film.
Vinnie’s ultimate goal is to keep acting in bigger movies, directing, producing, anything that has to do with Film or Television Production.
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