What is a ‘Hub location’?

Originally published on Linkedin on April 16, 2015 By Kenneth Fax.
What is a ‘Hub location
Community Free Wi-Fi markets to find both ‘hub locations’ and ‘merchant advertisers’.
‘Merchant advertisers’ are pretty obvious. These are the local merchant businesses that you will sell advertising packages to and they won’t (in most cases) have to be a ‘hub location’.
But, what is a ‘Hub Location’?
‘Hub locations’ are the venues where we set up our Wi-Fi devices to create the ‘hot spots’ that establish Wi-Fi connectivity (free Wi-Fi) for people that are shopping or hanging out at that particular venue. These venues can be anywhere a significant number of people gather, congregate, or attend.
This includes sizable restaurants, lounges, stadiums, convention centers, auditoriums, churches, schools, etc. Again, anywhere a good volume of people congregate can potentially be a great place to establish a ‘hub location’.
The bigger the venue, the more interested area businesses will be in being a ‘merchant advertiser’ on that particular ‘hub location’ network.
Also keep in mind the ‘hub location’ can and will likely want to be a ‘merchant advertiser’ as well to reach their own audience.