Kristian R. Medina

Kristian R. Medina
Kristian R. Medina has been producing films and Media for 10 years, as well as teaching film and documentary production over the last couple of years in academic institutions such as, Solano College, and beneficial organizations like Actuality Media in Central America, Asia and Africa. He is passionate filmmaker who loves to direct and produce films that inspire people to create change in society. Kristian has worked in numerous independent films and produced several documentaries such as Gloria SF Neighborhoods which visual style explores the architecture and diverse cultures in SF, The Art of Presence, a documentary that explores meditation and aging and was produced by The San Francisco Health Equity Institute at SFSU, and his most recent work El Projecto Baktun 0, a series of short visual documentaries that mix the actual landscape with the history and culture of the people from Chiapas, Mexico and central America.
Moreover, at the Bay Area he works as a blogger for the social media and marketing company Little Wing Connections, where has been creating media and videos for business, music bands and communities all around the world.
“Ever since my mom gave me my first video camera at the age of fourteen, making movies has become my passion. The first movie that I made was a mix of different genres where I used my family members as the cast. I continued using my family as the main characters in these early films and realized that their personal stories were far more interesting than all the twisted stories and characters I was trying to create. This discovery led me into the world of documentaries, which has become my favorite genre.  I found that the real human stories provide the most powerful narratives for creating an inspiring film.”
Medina received his Associates Degree in Film and TV from Solano Community College, institution where he currently works as cinema and television part time faculty and laboratory technician, and his Bachelors in Fine Arts Degree in Cinema from SFSU with an emphasis in producing and directing films and media.
Kristian current and future plans include keep teaching and producing films, documentaries, and media, as well as write blogs, and films that inspire people to create beneficial changes in the world.