Video tips from Facebook

Originally published on Facebook for Business in 2015.

Bring your business to life with Facebook video ads
Video tips from Facebook

Use these tips for your next video ad:
Capture attention in the first few seconds of your video. People can scroll past your video on Facebook. Try getting your message across clearly in the beginning of your video to keep people interested.
Choose a descriptive thumbnail and avoid using title cards. Lead with an image that will catch a person’s eye and encourage them to watch your video. Logos or title cards may distract people and cause them to scroll past your video after just a few seconds.
Use video that works well with and without sound. Keep people engaged even if your video is playing silently. Consider a text overlay that doesn’t require audio.
Consider adding a call to action to your video ads. Use a call to action to invite people to visit your Facebook Page or a website where they can watch additional videos or sign up for more information.
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