Andraya Barros aka Dj DreDoe

DJ DreDoeAndraya Barros was born and raised in Fairfield,CA. Growing up in Fairfield wasn’t always simple for Andraya, she felt people sometimes looked down at Fairfield as a place of crime even though she calls it home. Andraya says about growing up in Fairfield, “You either have a hustle or have nothing. Having a hustle means to find a way to be successful and make your way out of this town and make a name for yourself. That’s just what I did.”
On Andraya’s 16th birthday, she had a DJ at her party. She watched the way the DJ vibed with the crowd and the way her guests responded to his music mixes. She knew at the moment she wanted that same accolade of bringing happiness to people through music that she could mix for them.
At my her first show, Andraya saw the room light up from the feelings of trust and happiness in everyone when she filled the room with music and saw the power the music brought to the event..
She found her place, her second home. Her purpose in life was established and she knew right then where she was suppose to be which is in the lime light of the people.
Now a days, Andraya books for a wide range of events, from parties, weddings and even first birthday celebrations.Andraya Barros
Andraya believes music brings happy moments, sad memories, and unforgettable milestones in people’s
lives. Andraya loves hearing that her music mixing made a impact in her audiences’s lives whether its remembering a good memory or a tough one. Andraya is a DJ’s because she loves mixing and setting a mood for her events.
She chooses to impact lives whether her audience is young or old. She chooses touch their lives through music.
Instagram: djdredoe