A special event to celebrate a unique Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday…

A special event to celebrate a unique Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday...
Welcome to Le Cirque de Bohème !
Created in Paris during a period called  “ les Années Folles “, this old style  Circus based on the French tradition of the 1920’s Circus will transport our audience into a mysterious story.
This winter Cirque de Bohème is back in Sonoma at the CornerStone Garden with a new show, “Stolen Moonlight”.
Cirque de Bohème will be under it’s own charming circus tent this year at Cornerstone Garden, November 27, 28 & 29 and December 19, 20, 26, 27, 2015 for a magical moment of entertaining.
(Show daily at 1pm, 3,pm, 5pm)
“Stolen Moonlight”, is a travel through time between Paris and the Valley of the Moon with two main character.
A young american girl, Artemis, and the strange man of Paris, the Bohemian.
A story born on the beginning of the XX century near the Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris
The Circus artists from Cirque de Bohème, will presents this year a new and original spectacle with poesy, music, mystery and unique circus talent.
“ Stolen Moonlight”, is an exciting trip through the time, through the imagination and  with a wink from Paris, with poesy, fun and joy that are mixed only for your pleasure !
Joined Cirque de Bohème for this unique moment of pleasure, and for a special travel to the time.
And dont forget… Your childhood dreams are alive.
Tickets available at :
A 1920’s style Circus based on the French tradition – Cirque de Bohème will transport you into a magical travel filled with enchantment, wonder & adventure.  A Juggler, Contortionist, Unicycle, Aerialists, Slack Rope, and other assorted denizens of Paris of the 1920’s ….experience the work of world class performers whose talents are definitely woven into the story of the Bohemian of Paris just near “The Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris.”
Cirque de Bohème is an intimate gathering limited to 130 guests per show under its own charming tent in the gardens at Cornerstone.
$28 adults / $18 kids (15 or younger)
A portion of all ticket sales to benefit The Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance.