What are the Free Twitter Marketing Tools That Are Totally Underrated

Originally published on GetMarketingTips.com on April 20, 2016 By Yogesh Babu
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What are the Free Twitter Marketing Tools That Are Totally Underrated
While you are running around like a headless chicken trying to figure out how to use twitter efficiently, some of them have figured out the list of free twitter marketing tools that are totally underrated. So here is the list of twitter tools that are not so mainstream:
1.Riffle by CrowdRiff
A Google Chrome extension, Riffle by CrowdRiff gives you details about the people in your Twitter community.
With this tool, you can tell who is an influencer by seeing who is active and who is engaged you’re your community. You can also get their top mentions and also links to their social networks.
Riffle also gets integrated with your other dashboard tools like TweetDeck and HootSuite. Check their website out to see all their integration options.
Have you had a time when you have wondered why certain posts get attention at one time and at the same time tomo nobody seems to be bothered? Tweriod lets you know when your twitter followers are actually online.
Use Tweriod and get the optimal time to tweet.
Tweriod first analyses your tweets and your followers tweets. Then gets you the most effective times when you should be sending out content for maximum exposure.
3.My Top Tweet
Fun service this!
Check out My Top Tweet and sign-in with your Twitter profile.
Once you land there, you can put in ANY Twitter handle and see what their top 10 tweet out of the last 3200 tweets by the user.
I put mine in and found my top tweet was “How to handle Social Media Crisis Like a Pro
Do you want to know what’s trending anywhere in the world? Use Trendsmap!
Trendsmap will show you the latest trends from Twitter right now. Like immediately.
Donald Trump is trending in Rome. Go figure!
5.TW Birthday
Don’t judge me but you can come across as a weird stalker with this tool. You can know the exact date that you or anyone else joined Twitter you can go to TW Birthday. I joined back on the 19th of August in 2009! It’s a shame looking at the number of tweets up until now.
If you believe you have a favourite Twitter tool that you think most people are ignoring? Please share it.
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