Bishwa Seva now has land to build on in Nepal!

Bishwa Seva now has land to build on in Nepal!

” Bishwa Seva now has land to build on in Nepal. The NewSchool of Architecture in San Diego is creating the plans for a Bishwa Seva teaching center that will demonstrate the techniques of constructing earthquake-resistant village homes from local materials. The intention of the center will be to offer lessons in safety, health and prosperity for all people.”

Deep Deoja, April 27, 2016.

The Intention: To teach the skills for Safety, Health and Prosperity
The intentions of the Bishwa Seva Foundaton always center around teaching. With Deep’s announcement yesterday, significant steps towards expanding that commitment to teaching the skills of safety, heath and prosperity were realized. The further intention is to teach these skills to all people.
The land itself is just outside of Panauti, accessible by a dirt road. It has no utilities and is surrounded by forests. It slopes into a stream and is just under one half acre in size.
Deep and his family overcame many obstacles to acquire this land for the use of the Foundaton. Their efforts are to be lauded.
The Design team are students!
The design team for this project are fourth year architectural students at the NewSchool of Architecture in San Diego. The students are being guided by professor and architect Joseph Kennedy.
Joe is one of the founders of Builders Without Borders and an author of two seminal textbooks on sustainable building. He has participated in building projects like this all over the world for the last twenty years.
The current concept is to design six buildings on the property all representing a type of sustainable building technology. Five of the buildings will be sized and configured to replicate a rural village home in Nepal, specifically to be a practical demonstration home.
Five of the six buildings will be the centers of teaching disciplines supporting safety, health an prosperity.
These teaching disciplines are:

  1. Sustainable home construction,
  2. Sustainable food production and farming
  3. Small business creation and entrepreneurship
  4. Women’s health and nursing training
  5. Practical technology repair skills

Deep wants you all to know the sixth and larger building will have a kitchen, showers, bathroom facilities and comfortable guest rooms for all of you to stay when you come to visit!
These are the intentions: to teach the skills of safety, health and prosperity. Acquiring the land and developing a design are big steps towards fulfilling the intention.
Fundraising for the buildings will start soon after the designs are completed. But first, we must continue to secure the academic future of the students we sponsor.
The Bishwa Seva Foundation
The Bishwa Seva Foundation is very unique, grass roots non-profit founded by Deep Deoja in 2009 in Oceanside California to offer meditation services and to support five orphans in Panauti, Nepal.
Today your Foundation is a community movement and offers over fifty sound meditations every year with close to 2,000 people participate through the year. Bishwa Seva sound meditations supports fifty disadvantaged students get a “best in country” education in Panauti, Nepal. Some of these students can be seen in the picture.
The new school year starts next week in Panauti. Please consider renewing your sponsorship. If you are interested in hearing more about the joys of sponsorship please respond to this email!