Contra Costa County’s caring assemblymember

Originally published in on August 18, 2016 By Jim, Paige and Logan Lark

Contra Costa County’s caring assemblymember

Editor: In today’s negative political climate, there are still some politicians who serve their communities – one of those is our own Jim Frazier.

Neither my wife nor I had met Frazier before, but he apparently volunteers a lot of his time and energy to help children with special needs; most recently, the Special Olympics. When he caught wind of our situation, he reached out to help.

On July 27, my wife wrote the following post on Facebook:

“Logan had his bike stolen last night. Took him three years to learn how to ride this bike made for kids with special needs. Battled through legg-calve-perthes disease, where his hip completely disintegrated then rebuilt itself. This summer Logan finally rode his bike and almost kept up with his brothers. How do you explain to a little boy with Down syndrome that people exist in this world who do bad things?”

She was merely trying to raise awareness in our community that there was an individual, or group, stealing items off patios and to make sure any valuable items were in the garage or backyard. The outpouring of support and offers to replace the tricycle were amazing.

Frazier’s office also contacted us and offered to replace the tricycle. He met with us at The Little Gym in order to personally meet Logan.

We talked a little and then went into the gym, where he challenged our kids to a roaring game of dodgeball. Not sure which side won, but Logan got a few good shots in.

After the visit, my wife and I looked at each other and said, “Did that really happen?”

We have always looked skeptically upon politicians, due to the negative press we are bombarded with through the media. Frazier restored our faith in at least one assembly member with his incredible act of kindness.

If any of you have a chance to meet with Frazier, please take the time to shake his hand and thank him for the hard work he is doing for the special-needs children and our county in general.

Jim, Paige and Logan Lark