100 Women 1st Anniversary Bash Celebration

Sept flyer

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100+ Women Who Care about Solano County

for our

1st Anniversary Bash

Thursday, September 22

5:30-7:00 PM

Vino Godfather

500 Walnut Ave, Vallejo

Located on Mare Island

Reflecting on this past year, we will gather in celebration of all we have achieved in helping to make Solano County a safe, happy, and hopeful place for women, children and families. This meeting will include:

Longer cocktail party with hors d’oeuvres, representatives from our winning non-profits, a review from CASA of Solano County and raffle prizes!

This meeting will support SANE-SART, which provides administrative services.

Sept flyer


In the 1st Year of Giving, 100+ Women Who Care about Solano County donated over $27,000 to 4 local non-profits!!!!

SANE-SART who provides sexual assault examinations was the 1st recipient of $5600. At our 2nd meeting, Girls on the Run Napa & Solano received over $7500! In March, we gave Meals on Wheels of Solano County over $7000! Most recently, we donated over $6500 to CASA of Solano County who provides advocacy and partnership to Solano County foster children.

In our 2nd Year of Giving, 100+ Women Solano looks forward to GROWING to over 150 members and providing financial support to 4 more Solano County causes. We will start our 1st meeting of our 2nd year by donating money to help children who have been sexually assaulted in this community. For more information about 100+ Women Solano, please go to the website www.100womensolano.org or send an email to 100womensolano@gmail.com.

As a whole, 100+ Who Care about Solano County has learned that INDIVIDUALLY we are strong but AS A WHOLE we are MUCH STRONGER AND MAKING A GREATER IMPACT!