Little House on the Trailer Began its First Interim Housing Project

The Santa Rosa Fire has upended the lives of many thousands here in Sonoma County and the process of putting lives back together has just begun. In November Little House on the Trailer began its first interim housing project in the burn area and at the end of February delivered a 400 square foot Little House.

The owners live on a vineyard property near Santa Rosa where they had only a few years ago built a small 1000 square foot home. They had already embraced the idea of living more simply and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. In the aftermath of the fire they relocated to a rental paid for by insurance, but immediately realized that they wanted to be back on their land and engage hands-on in the rebuilding process. They have now moved into their Little House on the Trailer and are living the homesteader’s life. Starting over.

For further information please call Stephen Marshall at 415-233-0423