Coastal Retreat

Dorothy purchased a Little House on the Trailer three years ago.

She placed it in her back yard near the beach in West Marin and made it available to visitors as a short term rental. This was not an approved use but her neighbors were fine with the idea as long as it did not become a nuisance. It provided her with supplemental income so that she could stay home with her son during the important years before he started high school. Three years of rental income has paid for her Littlel House on the Trailer.

She has recently returned to work full time and no longer has time to manage the visitor stays. She has just rented her Little House on the Trailer to a full time occupant who is a member of her rural community and much appreciates the privacy and beauty of the setting.

Dorothy’s Little House on the Trailer has proved to be a versatile addition to her life and the community.

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