3 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Brand Today

Originally Published on Instasize.com on May 30, 2018 By Natasha Ponomaroff

Instagram is always changing, and whether you’re a casual user, a social media influencer, or running a brand, you need to stay on top of these changes and make sure you’re producing the best content for your followers. Other than adapting to new features like different-sized photos, videos, and IG stories, you also need to make sure your followers are growing and that they’re engaging with your content.

Are you experiencing a slump in numbers? Maybe you just want to grow further? Here are a few strategies you may want to think of implementing:

1. Commit to an aesthetic.

As always, each post on Instagram have to be carefully shot, edited, and captioned if you want engagement. But, the individual posts aren’t the only thing you should keep an eye on anymore. You have to think big picture. How does your one post fit into the rest of your posts?

An Instagram aesthetic sets you apart from other users. You tell every visitor of your profile that you have carefully cultivated a look, and it is the quality and consistency that they will hit that follow button for. If you think one aesthetic is too limiting, you can always adapt a new one, but not immediately. Keep the aesthetic for at least 9 to 12 posts to make a strong and cohesive impression with your feed.

A consistent look is easy to achieve, even if it takes a fair amount of planning. Instasize’s app gallery is a movable grid. Simply tap an image, hold, and move its placement. It makes editing photos of similar themes or styles seamless, quick, and easy.

2. Make the most out of Instagram Highlights.

Your IG Stories aren’t one-and-done posts that simply disappear. They can be great tools to introduce new followers to your Instagram brand. As you can show more behind-the-scenes stuff full of personality, this is a great hello to visitors who may want to follow you.

Create multiple highlights and add relevant stories under these categories. Think of them as bite-sized versions of what they can expect from your brand. If you’ve got a carefully curated aesthetic, but still want to test other styles, stories are the way to go.

For your stories, make sure you use hashtags and geotags so your stories show up on these relevant feeds, attracting more viewers and eventually, followers.

3. Be strategic with hashtags and geotags.

Other than posting about your Instagram on other social media platforms (which you definitely should!), using hashtags on posts will be your next best source of new followers. People who like a post are likely to check hashtags to see if they can find similar content and content producers. You’re likely to attract more followers by being visible in these relevant tags.

Skip the generic hashtags. Target ones that are specific–the ones you know your target audience are likely to use or look through themselves. Be selective, too. You don’t need to use up all of Instagram’s 30 hashtags a post in growing your brand successfully. Too many hashtags and you will look unprofessional.

While you can adapt dozens of strategies to grow your Instagram brand, the best way to sustain your following is to put content quality above all. A powerful editing tool like Instasize can make content creation swift yet still high quality. Make sure your posts are polished and professional, edited and optimized for the platform you’re uploading to.