Smart Typography Control with Easy Google Fonts

Originally Published on on January 25, 2017 By Fred Meyer

Many of my favorite premium WordPress themes don’t have a theme option for typography. I really respect this choice, because it makes the theme easier to work with and less twisty.

Ultimately, though, it is nice to give end users the power to change typography. That’s where the Easy Google Fonts plugin comes in. The Font Control feature lets you specify arbitrarily named font sets (“Headers,” “Nav Menu Fonts,” “Main Body Font,” and so on), each of which can handle styling for an arbitrary number of CSS selectors.

For example, depending on your theme’s styling, “Main Body Font” might just take one seelctor, a global default like *. Or you might have to get more specific: *, body, entry-content p. In either case, the effect is the same: when the end user changes the font family for “Main Body Font,” the site’s fonts will change for the selectors you’ve specified—and nowhere else.

Easy Google Fonts is also a nice way to preview lots of font combinations in the course of designing or redesigning an existing site. Overall, a great plugin that works exactly as it should.